November 16, 2021 @ 5:00PM — 9:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Through this gala, IHES intends to have a long-term impact on this issue and implement actions which will improve and foster a better representation of women at the Institute. During this event, we will celebrate women at IHES as well as prominent female figures in tech, finance and science. While paying homage to their achievements, we will learn from their experiences and insight as to how to make the technology, science and business sectors more inclusive.This year’s gala honoree will be Marilyn Simons, the co-founder of the Simons Foundation, which exists to advance the frontiers of research in mathematics and the basic sciences. Through her extraordinary commitment as a philanthropist and as President of the Simons Foundation (1994-2021), Marilyn Simons has contributed immensely to the development of science and technology over the past 25 years.


Join us for the 2021 Friends of IHES Gala

Ticket Details

DATE TBC, November 2021

This edition of the Friends of IHES gala will take place on November 16, 2021. This year, we will take on a hybrid format, in respect to the ongoing health restrictions. If the health context allows, we will offer a small, exclusive in-person component at the French Consulate of NYC, combined with a virtual event, which will feature pre-recorded footage as well as live speeches.

If health restrictions allow, and in the strict respect of social distancing, in-person participation will be reserved to a very limited number of guests. Those who purchase a VIP Sponsorship Experience will have the opportunity to mingle with keynote speaker Marilyn Simons and participate in private, virtual roundtables with guests and notable scientists. The full in-person experience will also include a cocktail hour and three-course dinner, as guests will enjoy the benefits of meaningful encounters and casual conversations that are born spontaneously over a glass of wine or around a shared table.

Those who purchase a Gala Friend Experience will enjoy the virtual gala program and a private virtual round-table session. This round-table will take the form of a private breakout room where guests will enjoy a group conversation with a renowned scientist or mathematician. Those with Gala Friend Experience tickets will also receive a gift box of French delicacies, bringing a personal touch to this exclusive experience.