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What sets IHES apart?


Intellectual liberty is at the heart of what makes IHES the exceptional centre of fundamental research that it is. ItsPermanent and Visiting Professors are free to pursue their interests in a spirit of total freedom and independence,completely unfettered from teaching duties and administrative responsibilities or concerns.


Courage is what sets IHES apart. Not content with attracting those with established scientific reputations, of the10 permanent professors in mathematics who have worked at IHES, an unprecedented 7 were awarded theFields Medal while active at the Institute, proof positive of its remarkable consistency in identifying and nurturingexceptional talent.


Ever since its creation in 1958, IHES has been a community of scholars that values the opportunity to work together.Anchored by the five permanent professors, the intellectual life of the Institute is constantly stimulated and invigoratedby a programme of seminars and meetings, by the formation of research groups focusing on specific areas of interestand by the day-to-day personal interactions that are part of life at the Institute.


Understanding the very meaning of our world depends on increasingly sophisticated mathematics. How do wereconcile quantum and general physics a century after Einstein? What is the real nature of the quantum world? Whatcame before time and matter? Finding the answers to these and similar fundamental questions has the potential toimpact the lives of millions of people.

Friends of IHES, Inc. is a charitable 501 (c) (3) organization created in 1999. Its primary goals are to increase the visibility of IHES in theUnited States, coordinate the network of current and former American visiting researchers to the Institute, and to raise funds for IHES.14 15